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How to propose your girlfriend on valentine day 2018

As Valentine’s Day is approaching and you’ve put your finger on that special someone who makes your heart flip when you’re just breathing the same air they are, quite simply, how do you get enough nerve to ask them be your Valentine?
In fact, there is no magic formula that will allow a positive response. You can increase the odds in your favor, however, with a few simple actions to relax and begin to consider the most wonderful Valentine’s Day ever.

How to propose on valentine day 2018

First, build a friendly relationship
First, it is important to build a friendly relationship before the feast of love.
A sense of humor is attractive to most people to fill the air with lots of light banter. Choose a smile so that they begin to associate you with the word “fun”. This is not to suggest that you become a clown or telling corny jokes, but you make a real effort to show him what you would be a fun companion.
Findings Reveal True
Once a relationship of trust has been established, it is time to reveal the real appreciation of the object of your affection. To do so, leaving a trail of small gifts, reflected in a variety of places over the space of a few days.
This may be their favorite treat, a book written by an author for whom they expressed admiration, or an inspirational quote in a small frame to lift their spirits.
Donations do not have to be expensive, but they should show consideration. Do not sign these letters of affection; They aim to develop the plot and the desire to know the sender.
Send Valentine car
The last hidden treasure should include a Valentine card expressing how much you have been enjoying their friendship. The map should also ask openly for ‘date’ of your dreams.
In order to make this as painless as possible for both parties, it is a good idea to suggest that a positive response can be texted to your particular cell for a while, but in the negative will not allow to obtain continuous friendship just as it is. This relieves some pressure to reject both parties.
Consider a professional makeover for the first
If the joy of your heart agrees to a date, consider professional makeover, or at least have made a few friends suggestions on the most flattering hair style and dress for the occasion.
Sometimes people are unable to see themselves as others see them, and you want this date to be special. Arrive at least one rose in hand and other romantic memory that feels right. This will set the mood for a perfect romantic evening.
Follow all rules of etiquette
While enjoying the meal with your Valentine, follow all the rules of etiquette so quietly mentioned by your mother and grandmother, including covering the bill for all the entertainment of the night.
Keep your attention on your date by asking questions that show you are interested in knowing more about him or her.
Listen carefully to the answers to show that you really do care. End the evening with the promise of fun times like in the future.
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