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History of Valentine’s Day [ Facts & Origin ] Valentines Day Story

Valentine’s Day is about to arrive very soon in the month of February this year. Everyone is eagerly waiting to celebrate this special occasion with their loving ones.

Every year, we celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14th February across the world. Usually, people exchange the best gifts between their girlfriend, boyfriend and many others. Some of the precious gifts that people present their loving partners include flowers, teddy bears, gold rings and a lot more. People celebrate this occasion in the name of Saint Valentine.

Most of the people are not aware of the mysterious saint and the reason behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day by all the people across the globe. People follow several traditions on this very special occasion. But, they do not know the actual reason for following these traditions. In this post, we have come up with complete history about Valentine’s Day from the time of ancient Roman rituals to the traditions of Victorian England. Here is everything you need to understand about the history of Valentine’s Day. Have a glimpse!

Valentine – The Legend

Valentine’s Day celebrated across the world in the name of Valentine. The entire month of February rejoiced with love and romance among the loving birds. Most of the people follow different ancient Roman and Christian traditions. Every year, people exchange more than 150 millions of Valentine’s Day greeting cards among the lovers. After the eve of Christmas, Valentine’s Day rejoiced as the 2nd most popular card sending holiday. In England and France, Valentine is one of the most popular and prevalent saints.

Origin of Valentine’s Day

There is huge significance of Valentine’s Day and we celebrate it as a Pagan festival in the month of February. In order to commence the festival, the priest sacrifices a goat or dog as the process of purification. In some locations, young women place their names in a big vase in the city. The bachelor of particular city selects a name and pair with a selected woman every year. Such kind of matches of men and women end up with their marriage.

February 14th : Day of Romance

Valentine’s Day, usually regarded as the day of romance. Every year, people celebrate the occasion of Valentine’s Day on 14th February. It is the commencement for the birds that mate in that particular reason. On this very special occasion, people exchange greeting cards of Valentine’s Day. On this very auspicious occasion, people celebrate this occasion by giving the best gifts, exchanging various home-made greeting cards and a lot more.

In most of the places, people consider Valentine’s Day as a holiday that shrouded in mystery. People celebrate the Valentine’s Day in various places such as Canada, Mexico, France, Australia, Italy, Denmark, the United Kingdom and many other countries. It is the holiday of love and romance among various people across the world. Valentine’s Day rejoiced as one of the best occasions where people exchange loving greeting cards with their lovers. This is all you need to know about the history of Valentine’s Day.

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